Confusion with BRP identification


I was signing up today and when I got to identification step it asked front of my BRP, but when I took a photo it said “ Your ID isn’t the kind of document you told us it would be. Please make sure your ID document matches the type you selected, or go back and select a different type.”. I tried to take a photo of back first and it worked.

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Stupid question but did you tell Monzo it was going to be a Biometric Resident permit?

Either way you’ll have to email to resolve this


Stupid question but did you tell Monzo it was going to be a Biometric Resident permit?

Yes, I’ve attached photo where it says “Residence Permit”

Also it worked when I scanned back of my BRP, but it asked me to scan front. That’s the issue

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Yes I can see that, but did you accidentally select passport on the other page or something? Perhaps Monzo thinks it’s a driving licence?

Only they will know

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Sorry this has been a bit tough to get through.

In the end - were you able to get fully verified or are you still going through the process?

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Have a look at the top of the screenshot. It says it expects a residence permit. That is to say, if they’d picked ‘passport’ or ‘driving license’ previously, it would say that at the top instead wouldn’t it?

Either this is a bit of an odd thing where the photo is actually on the back, or Monzo have had a hiccup.


Yes. As I mentioned app asks for front page, but in fact expects back of BRP first


Thanks for that :pray:

I’ll make sure to pass this on to the team who look after our sign up process just to make sure everything is put forward in the correct manner.

You can also reach out to our in app chat team for more clarity over what’s happened with your specific sign up and they can confirm what’s caused the delay.


I did notice that but at the bottom it also noted that it was expecting a different type of document.

Either way, looks like the OP resolved it