Contacts: Order contacts by First Name not Last Name

(Simon Tomes) #1

Love how the Contacts list is split by CONTACTS ON MONZO and ALL CONTACTS. Very cool!

It felt odd whizzing through contacts trying to work out the ordering. It wasn’t obvious at first glance. Ordering by “Surname first” feels a little “bank like” if you know what I mean.

Order by first name and it’s a little friendlier. Subtle, but these subtleties feel like they go a long way.

(Zander) #2

Hey Simon — thanks for the feedback! My thinking behind ordering via surname was that it matched the order of your default contacts list and so felt more natural in that regard. I was keeping in mind, though, that we don’t provide any alphabetic segregation, so A melts into B, into C, into D etc etc. With this in mind, perhaps it is nicer to take a more natural approach of ordering by first name, as we’re already straying from convention a little bit :slight_smile:

Would love to hear some opinions on this thread as to everyone’s preference!


I think it should be user configurable so they can choose. I used to sort by first name when I had few contacts but now I have a lot I sort by surname.

While I think best thing is to have a sort option in the user profile, maybe the app could automatically pick up the user setting from their phone

(Ned) #4

Is there any way for you to match the system setting? On iOS I have my Contacts ordered by first name and would love them to match for consistency’s sake. It would also be great if :monzo: could display nicknames where they’ve been set.

Finally, this is entirely subjective, but personally I’d prefer mobile numbers beginning +44(7…) to simply show as 0(7…). I recognise that this is localisation-specific though.


Will Monzo cope with the fact we may have some entries in our addressbook in another character set, say Russian or Thai instead of English?


I personally sort by first name so would like Monzo to do the same. Matching the setting in iOS would be the perfect solution.


I think matching the settings on my Android is the ideal option.

(Alex Sherwood) #8

I sort my contacts by first name too. It’s easier to remember some of my older contact’s first names than it is to remember their surnames.

(Zander) #9

Awesome, thanks for the feedback everyone! I’ll get this in the loop of the iOS team :smile:


And while I sort my contacts by surname and normally have both a christian name and surname in my addressbook, occassionally you may have just a surname or just christian name, how would that effect sorting/ordering if the field blank