Contacts: Filter out non-mobile contact numbers on "all contacts"

(Simon Tomes) #1

Love the new Contacts feature in the iOS app. I can see an opportunity for it to become extremely useful as my friends start to use Monzo.

The “ALL CONTACTS” list feels extremely cluttered. What do you think about filtering this list so it only displays contacts with numbers that start with “07” and “+447”? (assuming only mobile numbers and UK mobile numbers are supported on Monzo).

Perhaps this might not be possible right now given @jgarnham’s description in Monzo with Friends: New Monzo iOS Update Out Now


if people have a number in their phone in national format it will be hard to tell if mobile or not but if people enter mobile numbers in their address book with +44 7 etc prefix and none mobile numbers as say 01… 02… 03…

The issues we face are someone could have a number in their phone starting +44 7 or 07… but it may be a mobile or it may be a personal number and there is no way to know for sure without reference to a separate database

Also someone may have a number in their contacts next to a UK address starting 07… which is a mobile but another address in their contacts outside the UK with a 07… number but it is not a mobile but a landline in their national format (so dials OK when visiting that country) rather than entered in the international + format.

Therefore you can’t base any number filtering on location but would need to somehow filter the number against the country field of the address (assuming they have bothered to enter it).

That is why it is all complex and would help if users could enter their phone numbers differently for landline and mobile, e.g. national format v international format.

One final issue is if you are relying on a user’s contact list correctly having the number associated with a field called Mobile rather than Home or Office or Other this still may not work as they may have multiple mobiles and hence have different mobiles associated against Home or Office rather than Mobile.


I can’t put my hands on it right now but there was a database of all the prefixes for mobile numbers. 07974, 07831 etc.

O2 numbers have certain blocks, Orange others and so on.


But then complicated by transfers of number between one operator and another thru number porting, and the fact that you can have a geographical area code and number allocated for mobile phone use.


The database I had was a CSV file but they did not update it frequently :frowning: