Invite a friend area could be much smoother/simpler

Hey Monzo/Community,

Long time user of Monzo (apparently Monzo User ~5000), think this is my first time posting on the forums though.

I’ve invited a few new friends and the process via the app could be made a lot smoother, currently, the listing of contacts is cumbersome and confusing, it’s not clear if it’s listed alphabetically.
It doesn’t follow the native contact list style of the iPhone.

Moreover, the easiest solution in my opinion is just adding a search box to the top of the list so I can filter the list of contacts down.

After selecting the invitee and clicking ‘invite’ the process was then a little confusing, as I still had to type in the invitee’s name into the “to” field (I chose to use messages (apple) to send the invite).


Following up on this I think the invite process really is a bit broken at the moment, especially since the £10 incentive finished at Christmas. Just tried to invite my brother and found it way too difficult to just grab a link to send him


There are 3 different options to invite, 2 of which do the same thing (golden ticket - which I thought had finished a long time ago?)

If you press ‘Invite friends to Monzo’ you get this…


This page doesn’t seem to be in alphabetical order so take ages to find the right person. Why do you even need to find a particular person? I just want a link like that I can copy+paste and put in whatsapp

Seems crazy that a company so focussed on growth have allowed this much friction in referring a friend (I know you can just send them the website but it doesn’t seem the same)

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Looks like yours are being ordered by last name. It appears to use iOS preferences when deciding how to order them.


I like the fact that they use iOS preferences when determining how to order my contacts and it might even be a requirement or recommended by apple when gathering a users iOS contacts.

Mine looks like this:
I’ve just scribbled names and numbers and contact images out so it looks odd

I have a search bar and I don’t know why you don’t have it but I know monzo do try little things out and there are small changes between devices and operating systems. Are you on the latest iOS and App Store version of Monzo?

I do however, agree that the whole thing could be tidied up a bit better especially the payments tab in general. It’s kind of just a “miscellaneous” tab at this point :joy: