Contacts on Monzo only show intermittently

Hey there. I’m hoping someone can help. I an unable to see my Contacts in Monzo even though I’ve allowed all the permissions in the app.

Sometimes the Contacts list is visible (hundreds of my contacts appear to have have Monzo), but the majority of the time that list is just not visible are ‘Favourites’, ‘Recent’ and ‘All’ (which is just a small list of people I’ve either sent or received money with in the past only). I’ve not noticed it’s anything I do to make the contacts appear or disappear and this happens in both WiFi and cellular.

I’ve also installed the app on my iPad to check this out and the same issue is also on my iPad. I’ve noticed this since signing up to Monzo Plus, but that may be coincidental as Monzo wasn’t my main bank before, so didn’t pay close attention to the app like I do now.

I’d appreciate any help as it’s driving me crazy and this issue really undermines one of Monzo’s most useful features that makes it stand out amongst the other banks.

**Details to reproduce: Nothing seems to cause Contacts appearing or disappearing.
**OS: iOS17.0.3
**Device: iPhone 14 Pro
**App Version: 5.44.0 #5440053
**Screenshots: Attached.