Will disabling Monzos access to contacts break the app?


I don’t want hundreds and hundreds of work contacts to appear in my private bank account. If I disabled the apps contacts permissions - will it break the app?

Also are you scanning this contacts data?

(Hugh) #2

It shouldn’t break it - there should be error handling for that. If you’re on Android you can always re-enable it anyway.

EDIT: I just tried this, if you disable it you get this message every time you go to the payments tab:

Bank transfers still work but Monzo to Monzo payments obviously don’t work and your contacts don’t show up. Would be good to change this error message but the whole UX for payments is changing so I expect it will be fixed then :woman_shrugging:

Answer to this is no. There is a post somewhere about it - it is held locally and not sent to Monzo’s servers.

With regard to the bigger issue on this, there should probably be a way to select which account contacts are displayed from - as Android will take contacts data from different sources (ie. SIM, local storage, Google Account 1, Exchange Account etc.)


How do they know which contacts have monzo accounts then?

(Tristan Thomas) #4

Yep, we’re fixing this so you don’t need to accept contact permission to do bank transfers :slight_smile:

(Tom ) #5

Yes, I’d also like to be able to remove non-personal contacts from my list. I’d mentioned this before:

(Hugh) #6

iirc it is done with hashes of phone numbers.

(Jolin) #7

It’s a hash of all the contact’s info, and only a portion of the hash is uploaded to the server. If no matches, hash is deleted. Full details here (click the :arrow_down_small: for properly formatted post):

(Tony Hoyle) #8

If you don’t have a phone number for a contact they don’t appear in the list even if they have a monzo account, so it’s likely it’s all keyed on the phone number (or a hash of it).

(Hugh) #9

As I said, that’s what I remember it being and if you take a look at Josh’s post:

That’s what he implies


That’s interesting.

I have a contact I know has a monzo account but she doesn’t appear in my list on the app

(Hugh) #11

Try refreshing - sometimes it takes a while for them to appear :stuck_out_tongue:

They also won’t appear unless they’ve enabled P2P


It’s been over a year, I don’t think refreshing will help

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You didn’t state that :stuck_out_tongue:


Gotta line 'em up :wink:

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