Contactless issues

Assuming it is a problem with the card itself not a bug, but often Card readers do not pick up a contactless payment. I have noticed this not just with myself but also with many others. This is especially an issue EG when parking and contactless is the only option. Maybe the contactless chip in Monzo cards need altering?
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I’ve never had an issue using contactless with my Monzo card?


it’s not a perfect system it can happen with any card/contactless reader.

Maybe your contactless chip is slightly damaged? Maybe order a new card in app.

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It’s happened with different readers, on many occasions, maybe it’s only with a select few but it always works when I try a different card. Don’t get me wrong, most of the time it’s fine. Just seems like it’s not as responsive as my other cards.

well it maybe the card then you should request a new one