Contactless declined in Lidl

Not sure if this is the right section.

Just tried using contactless in Lidl and it was declined so used Google Pay, anyone else had the same ?

Google Pay is contactless. Not really sure what you’re trying to say.

Have you hit your contactless limit with Monzo so it needs a PIN?

Card contactless has a limit, but Google Pay has (effectively no limit). This would suggest your payment was over the the maximum Lidl will take by contactless card.


I’d only spent £29.40 so not alot, total shop spending before today was about
£13 and total spending before today is just under £35.

I know there’s a point where if you reach a certain value you need to enter the PIN so I wonder if I got that threshold.

I tried to pay using card as you have to in these times hence saying contactless, tried Google Pay and it worked.

If you did then you should have that as the reason in your feed

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I’ve had an alert and it says next transaction to enter pin sometimes it’s even on the pos terminal

The default is £100 contactless before chip and pin. Look under Limits and Allowances in the Card settings

I know this is a few weeks back but I just spotted it and though it was worth pointing out, but ‘contactless’ includes Google Pay/Apple Pay, it doesn’t mean you have to use your contactless card.

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