Contactless at Lidl

(Charles Murray) #1


I tried my Monzo BETA contactless at Lidle this morning, it wasn’t recognised.

Was this just a glitch or does it not work at lidl?

Thank you

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Lidl’s not listed as a retailer who declines contactless transactions with Monzo here so thanks for posting this :thumbsup:

Did the payment go through with chip & pin, on your Monzo card?

(Charles Murray) #3

Hi, thanks for such a quick reply,

I just used cash, my phone was off and I didn’t know my PIN.

I’ll try again when I pass Lidl later today.


I’ve used contactless on my Monzo card on many occasions with no trouble at a so should work fine later.

(Naji Esiri) #5

Thanks @Cha !t :slightly_smiling_face: There are issues with contactless payments at some vendors but haven’t heard about this one before! It may have been a temporary connection problem with the retailer. I’ll add to the bugs list for now though :+1:

(Charles Murray) #6


Thanks, I will be trying again in an hour or so and will report back here.


(Simon Porter) #7

Seems to be problems today. Had a couple of payments declined myself. Monzo’s status page confirms it

(Charles Murray) #8

I’ve tried in Lidl again and the contactless didn’t work, my chip and pin worked fine though.

I actually used the same till, so it could have been that device at fault.

As I right this, I get a resolved Text from Monzo.
So I’ll try tomorrow again.

(Naji Esiri) #9

@Cha Yep we did have an outage over lunchtime, which was very likely the cause of this. Any other updates if you visit Lidl later this week would be much appreciated Charles :slightly_smiling_face:

(Charles Murray) #10

Good morning,

Lidl contactless worked fine this morning.

Thank you

(Lee James Kilbride) #11

I’ve paid recently with no issues at my local Lidl

(Naji Esiri) #12

@Cha @LJK thanks both! Think yesterdays problem was a result of the outage :slightly_smiling_face: