Contactless cards and washing machines

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Does anyone have personal experience of contactless debit cards, like a Monzo card for instance, or an Oyster card, surviving a 40 degree wash cycle?




My train smartcard has survived a wash before but I’ve never washed anything that has a chip on the outside like a bank card, they might be damaged by it


Hah, I guess the only way to see is test it out :joy: I don’t imagine the heat would affect it. The salt in the washing product may affect the chip eventually, but honestly I imagine it’s fine.


Smart cards are waterproof. The chip’s contacts might eventually rust if left wet for too long but even then contactless will keep working. :+1:t2:

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I’ve done this a couple of times over the years, and they’ve always been fine. If anything better in fact as they had a good clean… :joy::joy::joy:

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My Monzo card has been through the wash.
I’m convinced it’s the magic powers of HOT CORAL that saved it.

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Yes, left mine in when I just chucked the washing in one day with no problems but don’t think I’d recommend it as a long term way of laundering your money :hushed:

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Do I smell a new detergent brand?

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Thanks for all of the replies, folks :+1:

Turned out it wasn’t my Monzo card, but my Curve card.

It worked twice since then, but no longer functions at all :frowning_face:

As it is hardly ever used these days, I’ll probably just bin it and not bother getting a new one - clearly I can live without it :smiley: