A washing machine adventure

So last night I was emptying my washing machine and there it was — my wife’s Monzo card, sat resting on the inside of the door opening. Uh oh. It’d been for a spin!

She tapped in at the station this morning and fortunately I received this message.

Thank goodness it was no more than a 30°C cycle! :open_mouth:


:cyclone: Washing machines live longer with Monzo


You know what, @j06, I was inches away from using that line. I’m so glad you did! Classic :grinning:

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Whoa, you like to live dangerously! :fearful: How did the card look like after washing, any visible damage?

I don’t think our cards were tested in eee, harsh environments, so it’s quite interesting to know. While I know that debit cards might be manufactured a bit different, once we can get rid of current account one, I plan to test few things - washing one was an idea, but I can tick that box now. :wink:

Or at the very least, did the colour come off the card and dye your clothes coral pink


If only! Would’ve looked damn cool sporting a hot coral outfit.


I can imagine they’ll be quite resilient actually. Perhaps at higher than 40 temperature you might damage them. But surely they’re built to resist normal temperatures (and 40 degrees in some countries is normal!)
Quite cool that nothing ran in terms of colours

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