Is Monzo card waterproof?

(Andy) #1

Asking after a slight mishap whilst on holiday and I’m slightly concerned :grimacing:

(Tony Hoyle) #2

Salt water isn’t going to do the contacts any good. You’ll notice soon enough if it starts to rust.

(Jack) #3

Mine survived a foam party last night. Only took my ID and Monzo card. It was proper soapy! Seems to work just fine :clap:t3:


A friend of mine puts vasaline or sudacreme over the chip on her bank card when she goes in the sea (she is frightened to leave her cards behind on the beach) and wipes it off with a baby wipe when she needs to use it. Aparently her old card chip (from a high street bank) rusted when she went on holiday before.

(Andy) #5

This is an amazing tip! Too late for me now. Amazing customer service has already ordered my replacement for when I get back. They only use swipe in Israel anyway so I should be ok.

(Herp Derp) #6

PROTIP: Use Apple Pay, leave card in room.

Or that Google thing if you’re that way inclined :eyes:


Yep they are. I dropped several smart cards in water to demonstrate this a few months ago and they are all still alive. The only thing to watch out for is corrosion but if you wipe the water off it’s fine!

(Andy) #8

Not in Israel or Germany. Contactless isn’t a thing.

(Colin Robinson) #9

Well mine survived the washing machine :grinning:

(#savetheseabass) #10

Does that count as money laundering?

(Allie) #11

Nah, because the salt water gets too dirty. Fish pee and all. Now, when you wash it off… :slight_smile:

Oh, and to the OP - meh, it should be fine. The contacts might corrode some, but the card should still work.