Contactless ATMs

How long do you think it will be before ATMs have a contactless option. You just walk up to it, tap £100, and then Apple Pay your card. I think that would be so cool and a good way to get cash without having a physical card.

Santander and Barclays have them already but for their customers only (I think) so not too far off I reckon.

Technically it should already work (according to a Monzo employee I can’t remember the name of, but hopefully he manifests himself here), it’s in the hands of the ATM operators to actually attempt these transactions over the contactless interface - most (all?) decline when they don’t see their own card (based on either the BIN or a custom AID in addition to the MasterCard one) without even attempting it even though it would’ve worked if they did.

I’m all for making life easy but I’m not so sure contactless is fool proof though from a security point of view, especially if you’ve just had your card stolen and you don’t know about it yet…

I think I’d prefer some sort of QR code scanning option. Fire up your app, select amount and then scan the code… that sort of thing.

Insert my card, enter pin, select amount seems much easier and quicker :wink:

I think it’ll depend. If contactless cards, then probably not. But contactless as in Apple/Google/WhateverPay: why not, as long as it requires the phone to be unlocked.

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IIRC contactless ATMs always require a PIN, so they should be as secure as chip and pin. In fact, more secure as on it shouldn’t be possible for the card to be skimmed on insertion


You are right, of course

I’m all for anything that means I have to dig my card out less. Flash my phone at it, put in my pin. I’d be chuffed with that.

Or even having to unlock your phone to take cash right out, that would do me. Probably prefer that actually.

There are everywhere here in Australia, they are really easy to use. Tap, enter PIN and you can do everything you usually would be able to do. Bye bye to card skimming devices :wave:t2::wave:t2:

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