Apple Pay ATM!

Am I late to this party? I needed to withdraw cash from an ATM in Budapest, and I saw the four waves, so I tried Apple Pay and… IT WORKED!

I did the same at another bank a few days later, and it worked again. Does this exist in the UK yet?


Santander ATM’s do have NFC compatibility, but it doesn’t work with Apple Pay sadly, so there’s not really much point… There are a few in the UK, but I can’t remember what operator - it’s none of the banks

It seems like an easy implementation too


That’s a shame. Not a huge deal for me, since I only withdraw cash in the UK a couple of times a year, but still, it would be fun.


it would be handy too - Barclays had this, if you had an Android phone (only Android, you had to bank with them too) but they shut that down. presumably due to none use

I used that functionality - it was hit and miss which drove shittons of complaints via Telephony and Chat which lead to them finally ripping it out.


I tried and done this last year in Gran Canaria. Shocked I could even attempt it knowing Gran Canaria ( My Wife is from there) but pleasantly surprised it worked. Only with a Starling Card though late year so pleased if my main bank do now too!!