Improved [Contactless] Card Security

Hi everyone,

I just spotted the “Improved Card Security” in Monzo Labs. Does anyone know what it means/does?


It’s part of SCA

So what happens if it’s enabled?

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Every now and then it’ll ask to insert your card with PIN?

Edit: it’s not

At the moment nothing, the feed item doesn’t work

I assume it’s to do with entering PIN after x contactless payments but I’m sure there will be more info :soon:

From the description, one assumes you’d have to enter your pin more frequent when making contactless transactions.


More stuff to do :roll_eyes:

Apple Pay is secure enough or these biometric cards. I don’t want a metal card I want one of these -

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Biometric card and the £30 cap could be raised. I’ll pay another £7.50 to have one of these

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Would be nice if you used contactless and your PIN was required it would just make you put your PIN in and not require your card in.


Isn’t this possible anyway or is this option just for sending in app payments

It’s contactless payments with retailers, not bank transfers etc which that toggle is for

Just been told I was misinformed, it’s not an SCA toggle, this is something different

Will have to wait for the official post on this


Ahh. Toggles to turn contactless off? :man_shrugging:

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Maybe only allowing contactless when your phone is near? Who knows. As @Rat_au_van has just said, I guess we will have to wait

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I think it will ask you to enter PIN every… 5th or x payment

That was my first thought when I saw it

This is already happening in Poland with regular bank cards. It’s awesome! Tap for contactless and verify with pin for purchase over "x"zł.
Why is this not in UK already? I’m sure it’s not bank related.

Spain too. So easy.


Apologies for this, this was a staff-only toggle we accidentally turned on too early.

This is so that we can test contactless payments declining in-line with regulations for Strong Customer Authentication.

We’ve turned it back off, and we’ll be making an explanatory post here tomorrow to let you know how you can help test!


Is it possible to pay a monthly fee to subscribe to this toggle? :thinking::grimacing::wink:

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