Random pin entry to cash points

I just had a thought!

To protect people’s PIN numbers when entering at a cash point, I think Monzo should see if they can discuss with other banks the possibility of PIN number entry to the digital screens. This way the numbers could constantly change formation meaning prying eyes wouldn’t know the layout of the keypad, therefor creating a more secure pin entry at cash points.

What do you think??


I quite like the idea.

It’s one for the future, though, as most ATMs don’t use touch screens for PIN entry (though they obviously could). Also, Monzo don’t have any ATMs, and so, I guess, wouldn’t have any input into their operation.

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Interesting idea! Wonder if it’s ever been looked at before. It would likely need more than just banks or even uk banks though since you’re probably going to need ISO9564 (pin management standard) amended. As @Anarchist says monzo would probably not have a say since they have no ATMs


A problem arises with those who are blind or who have sight issues. They would then have no chance.


Cool idea! But as @HoddzDJ this would cause an issue for some users.


It would be nice to know.

Maybe there could be an option to use keypad or display to enter, then best of both worlds.

Just thought it’s something that could be considered

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Lots of new ATMs have contactless now, wonder if you could use Monnzo/Banking Apps as 2 factor for cash withdrawals… Card then phone scan ?

**Forgot to add it’s mainly Barclays bank for their accounts only, but might become mainstream

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Great idea, but what if you lost your phone?

What if you loose you card? Same odds of me loosing either. :stuck_out_tongue: lost both plenty of times in my life ha

If you’re gonna get in touch with banks you might as well go big and get them to support your cards & mobile payment schemes for contactless withdrawals - that way there’s absolutely no risk of skimming or PIN compromise as there’s simply nothing to skim nor any PINs.

PIN compromise isn’t really a big deal with EMV cards to begin with (you’d still need the card as you can’t skim them), and when it does happen it’s usually through a small camera the fraudsters plant on the ATM somewhere looking down on the PIN pad. If on-screen PIN entry is implemented they’ll just slightly change the angle at which they stick the cameras and steal your PIN the same way.