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Search brings up a wonderful variety of “customer service” topics,some positive and some not, but it would seem unless you have the app working then its post here or sink. Duck Duck Go finds me a phone number for CS but it rings out “no longer in service” not impressive.

So yesterday I completed a full iPhone backup to my iCloud a/c. The phone was sold on Thursday and paid for. Yesterday I restored the backup to a virgin new iPhone 8+. Only Starling and Monzo apps gave me a headache. The former tripped me up in the verification process (I use 1Password across iOS and Mac OS) after 7 attempts to sort it out using CS chat they asked me to call them. This morning a 2 minute courteous conversation ellicited an immediate fix. Now Mondo or Monzo; thanks for the email but clicking on the magic link provokes Safari to explain MacOS doesn’t recognize the web address starting mondo:
Do I uninstall the app and data and then reinstall. And if I do will I loose my historic data? Answeres please but not on a postcard.

You have to open the email on your phone, not your computer.

This will then open the Monzo app and log you in.

Also, the Monzo CS number is 08008021281 (this is printed on the back of your payment card - note, this is for the current account only).



You can also ring them on 08008021281.
Or email them at

You can contact customer services either at,, or the numbers I have written on my card are 0800 8021 281 or +44 20 3872 0620.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Number on your card should work :grin:

Of course the link in the email doesn’t work in Safari on macOS, it is designed for linking in iOS.

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Phone numbers are listed on Monzo’s website at the bottom of the “Help” page (linked to from the homepage):

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If you do that, you won’t lose your data. To get you into the app you need to click on the link Monzo emailed you on your device. Either through a mail app, safari version of your inbox or copy the link from macOS and then paste it inside a browser on iOS.

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Prosim pomoste mi moja kartA zablokovana a man tam peniaze

Translates to: ‘‘Please help my card blocked and the man there money’’

Použite, aby ste s tým mohli získať pomoc


Are there any Czech (I think) speaking COps?

I think it was Slovak. At least that’s what Google Translate detected :smiley:


Czech, Slovak, it is probably like comparing West Sussex and East Sussex accents :wink:


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