Tech problems today?

Have come to forum as Help Chat was not working and no reply to DM on Twitter. Can someone please help! Am I the only one having problems today?? Couldn’t make payments, update balance etc. Made the mistake of trying deleting app and re-installing as many were suggesting after the problems on Tuesday. Received the email with magic link but when I click to launch Monzo nothing happens at all. So now I don’t even have the app!! is there a help phone number to call? This is very embarrassing as I’ve been an advocate for monzo to many friends!

Hi @Moscot, sorry to hear you’re having problems.

The phone number for Monzo is on the back of your card and on

For reference it’s 0800 802 1281 in the UK and +44 20 3872 0620 from abroad.

I hope you manage to get everything sorted :+1:t2:

This is the first place to visit, on an ‘external’ basis to see if there are common problems or if an issue may be specific only to you;

It all looks good there at the moment, so it may be specific to you.
Any chance of using a different device to download, install and log into Monzo - even only temporarily?

You probably are, but just to be absolutely sure (since you said click, rather than tap), you are using the phone on which the app is installed to tap the magic link in the email, right?

Thanks - forgot to look at the card! Tried that but the phone lines are busy. will try again.