Hello my account it's locked - why?

Was my account blocked just because I updated my email address and logged in to another phone? why ?
I want you to help me because money from work enters this account !!
Please unlock this account!

Contact help@monzo.com

They will probably want id verification

Can you still use the app to access chat? If you can then that’s the best option

I can use chat, but the problem is that he sent me a message that they decided to close my account, but only because I tried to log in from another phone. …

So it’s closed, not blocked? Did they say that it was because you’d logged in on a different device?

Yes, I updated the email, after I tried to connect on the new phone, it appeared to me that I can no longer use the card, then in 10 minutes I tried to log in again and it tells me that they decided to close my account

If they didn’t say that was the reason then it was something else. They don’t normally give a specific reason

Open an account at another bank and update your employer with your new details. Monzo won’t reopen your account

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Highly unlikely this is the reason it was closed. It’s just a coincidence because lots of people change their details all the time.

If your account is closed then this is the end of the road and time for you to move on I’m afraid. You’ve done something against the T&Cs and they don’t want you as a customer anymore.

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The community can’t help with account closure issues, I’m afraid. You’ll need to take this up directly with Monzo.

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