Honestly has anyone else tried to do full complaint.

Been waiting 4 days for advocacy team already and got told I won’t get a response to my complaint till 28th of October. Thats like two months after filing hahaha

I’ve never formally complained to Monzo, so unable to comment on their process. Although to be fair that sounds like the worst case scenario, as companies have 8-weeks to respond to complaints.


Or to at the very least provide an explanation of why they need longer.

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I get the two months is longest I’m more in awe of that its been 4 days soon to day 5 with no contact from the advocacy team… Like that seems crazy. They don’t even really know my complaint as I only asked to speak to that team to complain hahaha

Technically its only been 2 business days lol - since we just had the weekend

3 for me… I’m in Asia so Thursday night and now Monday night for me.

Still not a great look in legacy I feel like I would have at least been able to say my bit by now.

I got this letter about 3 weeks after making a complaint to the post office - so fairly standard rules

Just to be clear I’m more annoyed at the fact I have to wait days on end just to get through to the person to raise the complaint.

Maybe I’m old fashioned but I don’t like the waiting a few days just to tell them my problem. Maybe challengers not for me then

Lol HSBC and Lloyds have both taken longer for me - I haven’t had a response from Lloyds and it’s been 2 months since I last properly spoke on the phone with them

If you feel comfortable, what exactly is the problem?

I’ve made a complaint recently and my final response was maybe a week after I made the complaint. I guess it depends how complex your complaint is. As others have pointed out, weekends and bank holidays don’t count towards business days so bear that in mind.

It’s 15 days for most financial complaints, but for some they have 8 weeks.

Yeh I get responses can be slow on legacy… I have asked to complain and they said I have to wait to speak to advocacy. I don’t think its good to wait 4 days to even have my complaint heard… yeh they have 2 months to deal with complaint but no one even has asked me yet what my issues is really about in detail.

Off-topic / curious
Whereabouts in Asia, and is your Monzo account mainly for that?


I use a combination of Fintech banks as many do. Monzo was best in China as it is actually the only bank I have found not to be blocked by the great firewall.

I used HSBC and Starling when I was in UK previously

I spend a lot of time in China too - I’ve had no issues with British banks being blocked though. HSBC and Starling seem to work excellently there.

Other than for £200 of ATM withdrawals at specific places Monzo isn’t of much use in China as the card isn’t accepted in the significant majority of places.

I looked up the Complaints Policy. It says

“We will be in-touch within 3 business days to try and resolve your issue for you. If we are unable to resolve your complaint in this time, you should know that we’re typically allowed up to 8 weeks to investigate a complaint and produce what is referred to as our final response.”

Just give them a chance to catch up. Good luck.

Im on about the apps being blocked bud.

I have Revolut Metal for cash withdrawals. I use UK cards for stuff like buying my MacBook and iPad.

I get sent money in to UK accounts and its hard to get money in to a Chinese account so easier to withdraw cash and pay it in to Chinese account.

Long story but yeh

HSBC, Starling, Capital One, Aqua, N26, Revolut all are blocked apps wise in China… Need a vpn and Monzo not needing a vpn was a nice way to keep track of money. I also drink a lot of coffee at luckincoffee and they take Mastercard on the app

I got that, but I mean HSBC, Starling are definitely not blocked. Most British banks are not blocked.

Understand what you mean about it being easier to withdraw though, that’s what I use my Starling account for.

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Hmmm I have lived in China a while now bud HSBC and starling are definitely blocked that’s not a question really… 呵呵

personally tried to move money from starling to Revolut now not on VPN and it docent go through. Works when vpn is on