Complaint Level?

Does anyone know if there another level of complaints team within Monzo example directors office or executive team like nationwide and Barclays have?

I don’t believe so. If you’re unhappy with a complaint, you can ask for a final response, and then escalate with the obudsman. :slight_smile:

Any reason you’re looking to escalate higher?

Monzo doesn’t. They have the frontline COPs, then the customer advocacy team (I believe they are), and they deal with complaints & then they publish their final response.

I’ve not heard this either.

@michaelw90 is stating what I believe to be the case too. Complain in chat, escalated to the complaints team, then they give you a final response.

From there you either suck it up or go to the financial ombudsman.

They’ll have executives that you can complain to and sometimes they’ll fix things. The same as any company. If you write to the CEO, sometimes things get fixed. Sometimes they’ll ignore you.

But you’re better off going to the Ombudsman if you believe you’ve been treated unfairly once you’ve had Monzo’s final response, instead of keep trying to go up the ladder.

I guess the thing here is that, on Twitter they’re confirming that there is a team of directors (as you’d expect with any limited company). But I don’t think they’re confirming they’re a contactable/complainant resource.

@davidbrockway is your issue something you’d like to discuss and get some of our knowledge on?

Yeah saw that after I’d finished typing my comment.

I can’t see why they’d get involved to be honest unless it’s really bizarre and serious.

That’s exactly what they’ve said

(Removed twitter links at OPs request)

Sure thing, I’ll drop you a DM :slight_smile:

Only our customer advocacy team deal with complaints, execs don’t :blush:

Strange. Most companies seem to offer a channel to contact execs, particularly to share feedback, experiences, or to hopefully make some headway if the company departments keep fobbing you off.

I’ve had email discussions with the CEOs of Apple, Barclays, Ocado, Lego, among others, for instance. Do Monzo not provide this channel for their customers at all? Even via snail mail?

I have spoken to Nationwide CEO office before and Barclays.

I have found some emails for monzo ceo team and sent an emails off.

All company’s have the teams, but monzo won’t admit it

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Officially, of course.

Same as my CEO won’t deal with complaints. But when one lands on her desk, if often gets forwarded on to the relevant dept with a message to fix it.

No, you’re misunderstanding and conflating two different things.

I believe TS Anil is the CEO of Monzo US & Uk now

He is.

But you can’t keep complaining and going up and up the ranks until you get to him. It doesn’t work like that.

You can complain to Monzo and that will be dealt with by frontline staff, if you are not happy, that goes to the customer advocacy team, if you’re still not happy, you have to go to the financial ombudsman. Monzo will not escalate you any higher. There are no higher people that deal with complaints.

You may have had luck contacting execs before at other companies (I have, as have many people) but it doesn’t always work. And with a bank, there is the ombudsman that you don’t have the option for at Apple or Lego.


This lady is CEO of Monzo USA, but yes TS Anil is Group CEO. I’m surprised they haven’t installed a U.K. CEO too really so they can run things here while TS focuses on the wider picture. Maybe that will come in time.

Totally random question but is that his forename or initials? I can’t find the latter if that’s the case :confused:

Tummalapalli Sai I believe.

I’m terrified I’ve spelt that wrong :see_no_evil: No disrespect meant if I have TS I promise!

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Monzo don’t have an IBAN