Is the Monzo complaint system also broken?

You may remember I had a few issues transferring a large amount out of my account on a Friday a few weeks ago.

Well, I was advised (by Monzo staff) to raise the problem as a complaint. I did that (and I was very clear that no individual was at fault, that everyone tried their hardest, but it seemed like the system/communication was broken).

A week later, I got a follow up email asking for photo ID. I sent that last week. Today I received the following copy and paste email (the (*) was in the original email they sent 🤷🏽):

Hello there (*)

I’m so sorry for the delay in getting in touch, we’re dealing with a high volume of email requests at the moment.

How can I help you today?

Kind regards,
Customer Operations
Monzo Bank ()

(I deleted her name at the end of the email for privacy.)

At this point, I’m really confused. So now what? Is Monzo not actually reading complaints? Or just not communicating to staff? Or do staff not know how to access previous emails?

I replied explaining that I raised a complaint, here are the details, and I’m waiting for a response. I have zero confidence that I’ll get a reply to my complaint. And I have a lot of confidence that I’ll waste the next few months trying to get Monzo to fix something that they should be doing by themselves.

When we say Monzo customer service has collapsed, this is what we mean.


I think someone is trying to re-raise your limit?

Monzo raised a complaint for me, I didn’t really even say anything bad, but they raised one and then followed it up pretty swiftly in the end. They didn’t need/ask for ID and didn’t even ask me if I wanted to complain.


I’m sure someone once mentioned being asked for photo ID before for a complaint.

Sounds like it’s gone into the general email support queue rather than back to the complaints team

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But then if they read the previous email…

Well yes, you’d think they’d be able to see that

Maybe they need photo ID for the complaint if it’s via email, so you can’t pretend to be someone or whatever.

This is one of those scenarios that would really help to actually talk to someone.

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I just want to say this line feels slightly tired. I feel like they have been ‘dealing with a high volume of customer enquiries’ since 2018 :sweat_smile:.

Maybe someone will eventually admit that’s just the normal number of enquiries for a bank?


Absolutely no problem with them asking for photo ID.

I do have a problem with: “hi, how can I help you today” after I already explained in far too much detail exactly how you can help me today.


Yes, staff have said on the community before that if a customer contacts them by email, they may need to carry out ID verification before being able to reply.

OP, were you specifically asked to email your complaint in rather than use the in-app chat?

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They didn’t specify how I should make the complaint. But it’s a lot of text plus screenshots, so I can’t do that in app.


Hello there @urban :wave:

How can I help you today?


I just realised: there is no emoji in the message @urban quoted.

@urban should raise a complaint about that. That’s really not on.

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Did you email complaints[at]monzo[dot]com?

Removing the symbols in case the email gets auto formatted or deleted by the forum.

I got a prompt reply after an investigation a while back, for a different issue.

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This is a bit strange, it sounds like you reply/response might have been routed to the wrong inbox :confused:

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That could be it. I used Resolver, so if they did route it to the wrong place, I retract some of my anger :joy:

I’ll try just emailing direct and see how that goes :crossed_fingers:t4:

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Why not just put a complaint in to Monzo directly?


I don’t understand resolver me, not when you can just contact most places direct.


Why did you use Resolver?

Why Resolver: it started when I had trouble with O2 - they refused to port my number and I couldn’t speak to anyone senior to handle it (the non-UK call centre didn’t know anything about Ofcom rules). I tried emailing/tweeting, but no luck. Then I used Resolver and it was resolved(!) within a few hours.

Then I used it for a couple of other companies and got incredibly fast response times (hello Plusnet and Nationwide) and now it’s my go to. Often they send it to a non-first line support team, so it gets fixed in one contact.

They also send updates to follow up, and keep all the correspondence in one place.

This is the first time it hasn’t worked (I’ll admit I went straight to Resolver without looking for a complaints email for Monzo).

So yes, big big fan of Resolver.

I’d never use it for first contact. It’s only when something has gone wrong with customer service and CS can’t fix it.


Oh right, personally I just email the CEO office. That’s never failed, you get through to a higher tier complaints person who actually understands what you’re going on about. Or can at least research the issue and come back with an answer which is generally resolved.