BetVictor refusing to take Monzo again


I reported BetVictor a few months ago to the acceptance department as they take other types of mastercard but specifcially stop Monzo.

For a while it then worked so I asssumed that someone from Monzo had made contact and reminded them that they were breaking the terms and conditions set out by mastercard.

Did that happen?

They have now decided that they’ll not take Monzo again so could someone please get in contact with them once more?

It would also be great if someone could let me know how to contact mastercard directly so I can report BetVictor to mastercard also.


Search the help section in the app for the ‘Troubleshooting declined card payment’ and find the ‘get in touch’ link, this will let you report the issue and all evidence to Monzo directly.

MondoMonzo will then report to MasterCard, I don’t think it’s possible for consumers to report these issues to MasterCard themselves.

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You’re going back a bit there, Nick :grinning:

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