don't accept monzo

Anyone else had this experience?

I’m trying to order a replacement hose for my Shark vacuum and paid with monzo. Auth goes through. Funds collected. Then they email to say they cancelled the order with no explanation and issue me a refund.

I called them and they said they didn’t know why and to try again. Same issue again!

I called once more and this time someone told me they don’t accept monzo…but couldn’t say why.

I’ve tried again just now with a Halifax MasterCard so let’s see!

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If you accept mastercard you must accept all mastercards so if the halifax goes through monzo should also work like any other mastercard.


I’m interested to see if the Halifax MasterCard Works


I did email already - and monzo chatted who said it’s the perogative of a business to choose to not accept monzo. And I know it’s against MasterCards terms - I told the person on the phone that but they didn’t care.

Also it seems like it does go through…but then they cancel and refund!

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Not according to MasterCard it isn’t.

You accept MasterCard; you accept Monzo.

Hope they get that fixed.


If you wanted to you could also report it to MasterCard who will strip the merchant of master card services if they breach the terms snd conditions causing less business. This would likely force them into accepting Monzo I’m not sure how well that would unfold but that’s my thought process behind it :thinking:


Hahah yes do it lmao

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@Monzosaurusrex when someone doesn’t accept Monzo



Accurate. @andrew_fishy Monzo is life. Monzo is future. Don’t be like that retailer and accept Monzo

Karen-a-saurusrex mode activated


Probably use SAP

I’ve done that before and nothing really happened - but I will try again :slight_smile: if anyone else wanted to moan to Shark though!

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Yep I know. Monzo chat didn’t seem to tho

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What do u mean?

Out of interest, has the Halifax payment gone through?

I’ll make sure tonight that our merchant acceptance team are aware of this!


Weirdly all the payments went through. But were cancelled and refunded the next day for monzo. Halifax hasn’t been cancelled today and theyve sent me a tracking number for the parcel - so it seems to not be being cancelled.

So looks like Halifax MasterCard credit works fine.

It is worth noting monzo MasterCard debit is what was rejected. But they specifically told me it was monzo they don’t accept. Not MasterCard debit.

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It seems like they do accept it, so it’s not that they’ve made they website refuse Monzo but then cancel it afterwards. Which seems like a lot more work and even worse for a customer.

I wonder if they’ve had a lot of fraud from Monzo cards and now just presume everyone is a criminal?!


Yeh I did think that - it seems like a lot of effort so something may have happened to create a policy.

It could also be a technical issue in their payment system if they’re using a 3rd party like most businesses. Something not matching so they never actually get the funds or something.


A system misconfiguration of some kind is another possibility. I’ve heard of at least one place before where by some weird quirk any payments from Monzo would go through and then get returned a few days later.

Forgot to add, if it’s a third party payment system, that would be why it’s easier for them to say they don’t take Monzo than it is for them to try and get the third party to fix the system.


I wonder if they accept Plus/Premium? (Different start numbers aren’t they?)

You could give it a try and then return it if it does work :stuck_out_tongue: