Companies refusing Monzo

I remember when metro Bank first open in Holborn London and issued debit cards -it was a real pain. very often card payments were refused because companies/bank had not updated their system with the relevant info. this is no longer the case and hopefully Monzo will follow the same path being accepted far more widely.

Loving the idea of Monzo, competition is great to make the other bank wake up.


Welcome aboard Lee. Yes there are a small number of merchants who seem to be pretty useless at updating systems or embracing any sort of change.

I think you will find this monzo crowd a lot more militant than the metro crowd. Any merchant who doesn’t accept it is being bombarded by queries and complaints as to why. See other threads such as Gotta catch 'em all — The Monzo Current Account Preview testing challenge 🏆


I remember there was a time Mondo did not take Metro Bank cards :eyes:


What is this Mondo you talk of? It is Monzo and has always been Monzo.


Mondo became Monzo. Kinda wish my card had came through before the name change, it would have made a nice collectible.

(or were you being humorous?)

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I’m treasuring my rather dated looking mondo beta card :rocket:


Post a pic, lets see it

Future classic that for when Monzo takes over the banking world

Here is mine, note it does not say prepaid.


one of mine does and one of them doesnt :slight_smile: the original isn’t quite hot coral anymore though




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Here’s my MONDO Beta card from April 2016.


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