Community Forum Groups

I was looking around these Community Forums and noticed there’s the Groups feature.

There’s already one for investors, and staff etc. Is it worth having a few of these for say Plus Users, Beta Users, and Labs users?

Just a thought from a Plus Beta TestFlight Lab user.



There should be a group for people that like cats and pineapple on pizza as well


And a group for people who like gifs of people who
like cats and pineapple on pizza


Cats on pizza? I can’t get them to stay still under the grill. Any tips?

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At one point I think @simonb was looking at how to show multiple flair but nothing ever came of it :thinking:

Showing investor flair seems a bit of a hassle because it is manually done, so I imagine it will be harder with Plus because people can drop in and out?

In regards to beta. I believe there is a badge for that already :slight_smile:

Edit: It’s an Alpha badge

This already exists, if you add the emoji’s to your title and wait for 48 hours you’ll get added to the secret group and it opens up a new private forum :upside_down_face:

am i joking?


Yes :joy_cat:

You will just have to wait and see then :grinning:


Now that there are some US users I think there should be a flag to identify your account location (UK or US). It is probably useful to know when discussing features and answering questions.

That can be set in your profile.

Not sure how it’s shown though.

I just added it to the end of my profile name, but it doesn’t work well on Windows (just shows as GB)

All you have to do is click the users name to see their location (if they’ve set it).

Here is yours :blush:

A cat + Dante’s Inferno ??
Another sleepless night :flushed:

It’s actually a mandatory part of setting up your profile now.

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Did you get a special group after? :laughing:

Nope not yet :crying_cat_face:

@simonb should send you some merch to apologise :wink:

I have merch from way back, I no need no more :joy_cat:

Maybe he can send me some :laughing: