Time scale to re-apply to Monzo?

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I closed my Monzo account back in March this year, since then I have tried through various email channels to reapply to no avail, currently I am told on the app that 'We are unable to offer you an account" - but no one seems to be able to give any reason or indication as you why, its becoming very frustrating.

I just wanted to ask if there is a time frame for reapplying or am I forever shunned from being a Monzo customer ever again?

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My friend tried to reopen his account. Been told he will not be eligible for account any time future. He asked to close his account earlier.
Another pal switched away from Monzo and Monzo opened him a new account without questions

For some people there’s a timeline, for some people it’s a no forever.

If the app is telling you no then I’m afraid that’s the end of it for now.


They don’t have to give you an account.

If you’re not eligible then that’s it, try again in 6 months.

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Thank you all for your repsonses, I will try again in the future, my own fault for leaving in the first place :laughing:

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The moral is don’t close your account :thinking:


Monzo T&C is strange, they look into your credit file via soft search and see how many current account you have, they use that data to establish whether to have you as a customer or not, the fear of opening only for switchers.

I’m fairly certain there is much more to it than that :rofl:


Every bank does this. Every credit card company will check how many other credit cards you have, same for loans.

It’s all about risk and this is why we have credit files, to mitigate loss.

People are declined because of many reasons, risk is one of them.


Agree, Risk is big factor, money laundering etc… hbos did that… Checked credit file saw multiple current accounts then based their decision on that…

It’s just my opinion monzo maybe applying the same here… Of course I might be wrong.

Well yes, as with pretty much any bank Monzo will complete a number of check’s and make a decision on if they want to offer you an account or not. I don’t think the T&C for Monzo is strange.

Not too sure what the point you’re trying to make here is to be honest :man_shrugging:

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I think this is what NatWest did to me lately. And probs my ongoing issue with Barclays. :rofl: