Monzo Requirements

Have the requirements for Monzo accounts changed recently that anyone knows of?

Sadly I’m no longer a Monzo customer (:disappointed_relieved:) as I switched out to use my main account elsewhere after literally years (since Mondo!) using it as my main account. It’s the right thing for me personally to do at the moment.

Totally forgot it couldn’t be partial but it was going to be a pain in the butt to do it manually after so long so I just closed my account and dropped a message to the in-chat help who said they’d clear my email and mobile to be able to re-open an account after 30 days.

Monzo is still useful for things like splitting some bills/transfers for mates etc.

Weirdly, I think, I’ve been declined an account. I definitely have no markers on my credit file, have relatively okay history, don’t touch any of the crypto-currencies or the sort and generally consider myself a fairly good customer with an active (and as an investor, financial) interest in Monzo/fintech.

I’m not here to moan that I can’t get an account, Monzo are a company and get to decide their customers which is fine and I have other banks that I can use but I am curious as I always thought Monzo were fairly good at accepting most people so I’m surprised at not being able to re-open an account!

I’ll still be lurking on here mind you, I enjoy the community! :blush:

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There was someone else that said similar recently. They had no issues with credit etc, they’d CASS’d away and then wanted to come back after the 30 days and got declined.

I think they asked support to make sure there weren’t old details on the system but they still couldn’t/wouldn’t offer an account.


There have been a bunch of ‘we’re closing your account in 2 months’ topics so they have tightened up some things. Nobody will ever know what they are so it’s futile trying to guess :pensive:


I take it that they haven’t explicitly said so.

I guess they could have looked at your previous history with Monzo and decided not to welcome you back, but I’d wait till you know before the speculation starts.

Hope it goes well :+1:

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Ah it’s come up in the app, and I did drop them an email in case there was something I could do but alas no.

Like I said, definitely not going to demand an account as they don’t need to, just slightly sad that I’m now one of those in the declined category :sob:


If you closed your account and want to sign up again, be sure to talk to someone in support and explain your situation before giving up.

The experience here is not good, because if you sign up again it will trip up as you already have a (closed) account and it requires some manual intervention to untangle, particularly where CASS is involved.


So I thought I did this, which is why I went to support first, and explained. Two people (!!) explained I’d need to wait 30 days, which I did, then got passed around a bit until they unblocked my email/number to sign up again.

Did that, now declined.

Sent an email today and got a response basically instantly with what I’m going to assume is a cut and paste job?

Honestly it’s mostly just gutting to get this after having a Monzo account for 5 years now!


Damn, that sucks! no one will really know why either

I know, just always had the idea that Monzo were fairly good with “acceptance”. Now I can sort of understand some of the people declined who have no idea :laughing:


You hurt their feelings when you left, what do you expect :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Welcome to Hotel California! Should not have left then.

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Not sure if Hotel California applies here since they checked out and left

Well now that song is in my head all day :roll_eyes:


“You can CASS anytime, but you can never return…” :notes: I am a terrible singer, especially in kareoke.


Even investors aren’t safe


What’s the grass like on the other side :thinking:

I’ve just opened a NatWest account, mainly as that’s who the mortgage is with so just going to transfer cash to them for that. Also want to use a couple of their savings accounts, so thought might as well have the current account too.

Still keeping Monzo though.

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So I CASS’d to Natwest but yeah, I was hoping to be able to keep a Monzo account still. Particularly if the Premium improved to go back to that at some point.

It was sheer laziness on my part; but I’m finding Natwest combined with Emma is fine, not least since my spending generally is on my Amex anyway.

Speaking of Amex, they just increased my limit by about £6,000 while Monzo reject me :joy: it’s quite the day…


I’m looking forward to seeing Chase Banks offerings when they launch their services this year :eyes:


It’s definitely going to be exciting! I’m just hoping they do something different or really better.


As long as they launch with good customer service and good tools in the app im sure they are going to be popular

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