I closed my Monzo account

I accidentally closed my account and I want to reopen it

Send an email to help@monzo.com, but be prepared for them to say that you can’t reopen a closed account within 30 days.

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How does one accidentally close an account?


On my phone log out is just above close acct lol x

Any accidentally press ‘next’ twice, then ‘I’m ready’ and accidentally withdrawing any money from the account previously?

Is there some confusion here between logging out of your account and closing your account?

I thought as part of the close account process you had to speak to customer support?

But as others have stated if you can’t log back in email help@monzo.com

According to the docs you do which is why I asked my question above :point_up:

I’ve not known any bank allow you to close your account without first contacting them. I assume this is because if you have any outstanding money that is owed (overdraft etc) then those will need clearing first :man_shrugging:

I’m fairly certain you have to speak to Customer Services in order to close your account.

Sorry but I fail to see how this happened as there are at least 4 steps to this process as shown below.


Op has probably logged out and is trying the wrong email to login.


probably saw the news of pay day early and wants to open again :sweat_smile:

If it’s closed I believe there’s a month long delay before it can be opened again.

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