Clearscore - all accounts removed?

Both my Nationwide and Santander accounts have been removed from Clearscore which means I closed the accounts… except I definitely haven’t.

Any ideas what’s going on?

Have you messaged Clearscore? :man_shrugging:


Maybe it’s glitched out/temporary down unless they’ve stopped reporting to the provider.

Have you pressed the closed accounts button to see if they’re actually closed? If they’re not there either or on there then contact ClearScore


Sorry, I closed your accounts this morning. Was i not supposed to do that?


Didn’t think to look there. Neither of the accounts are in the open accounts or closed accounts sections.

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You just can’t trust them!

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No accounts have disappeared off mine, that I can see. It updates tomorrow, so I’ll take another look then.

Have you recently changed your name by any chance? ClearScore has a list of reasons on why stuff can disappear

Mine does this sometimes, it’ll come back in the next few weeks.

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I changed my address.

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That’s probably why, have you told your bank you changed address or even the electoral roll? If you answered no to any of them. That’s why they’ve disappeared.

I’ve told my banks. My address changed with credit karma for one of them.

I registered on the electoral role.