Bank account closed for not using it?

so after been full Monzo since Jan 2018, I didn’t fully closed my other account, just did a partial switch all DD and SO, I even had my salary paid in my Monzo ACC, so a few days ago I got an email from my old bank (MetroBank) stating they’re going to close my account after a review, my financial well-being hasn’t changed negatively only improve not much but it’s ok and I haven’t applied for anything this year other than Monzo, I’ve been with MetroBank for 8 years, they gave me three months to close my account, said I need to make other banking arrangements, I’m wondering if their closing it because I haven’t used it since I switched out everything from them, I’m not really bothered they are closing it but if this is the way they deal with Thier customers I don’t want to be part of that, thank god for Monzo bank of the future :grin:

I have had a bank account with Co-Op for over 8years and never used for at least 6 :wink: its still open

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that’s good yours is still open, strange though mine got closed, well will be closed in Feb, I didn’t even called to ask why they are closing it

Might be hurting your credit having a dormant account?

Actually, having a long–standing account is a positive sign for lenders. It shows stability.


Doesnt matter :wink: litterally completed bankruptcy yesterday, as I have a disabled son with a life limiting condition, we had a flat that we had to volentary surrender as couldn’t afford to keep it going whilst trying to sell it while waiting for Housing Assocation for a purpose diability flat/house we would have been trying to pay £1200 a month for the mortage and HA rent on one salary was never going to work. So only way up now.


That’s really shit :disappointed:

Glad you’re trying to think positively


only option you got :wink:


The very best to you @Juggy69