Citymapper Pass

Anyone else have a CityMapper pass. I have been genuinely impressed so far bar the initial launch hiccup . Wish they would hurry up and launch Apple Pay though, that coupled with TFLs eventual support for express transit will be :heart_eyes:

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Been using it for about 8-9 months. It’s fantastic especially for me as I am only travelling from Zone’s 1-2 on most average days. The incorporation into Google Pay has really helped too as I don’t like carrying extra cards.

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There’s an existing thread where more cittymapper users will probably see it

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What was the launch hiccup?

I think two weeks in a whole bunch of the cards stopped working on mass leaving a few people stuck. Happened a couple of times I think

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Only happened once I think that was actually on city-mapper’s end. The second time was a Mastercard fault, but city mapper refunded people anyway as a good will gesture

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What is the supposed benefit over Oyster?

From what I can see, it is a more expensive inferior product.

Well its cheaper than pay as you go and for one, city mapper pass works with mobile wallet (GPay is now, they said “others” will be later).

So easier to access, can be cheaper than pay as you go, no need to carry an “travel card” around when mobile wallet for my platform launches so free’s up what i need to carry around in general.

They said they are bringing other benefits to the base plan, but if you do the more expensive one now you do get a good amount (taxi ride credits etc)

I received my card yesterday. :partying_face:
I’m starting my subscription on Monday although I hope they hurry up and launch Apple Pay.
I went for the Super Duper one as it will allow me to stop paying for the Santanders bikes.
I also get few Kapten per week so I can use the £10 easily.

For zone 1-2 it’s cheaper in every single way. I am fairly sure the zone 1-3 is too.

Means I get the cheapest price, while not having to lose a large sum from my account all at once, and the flexibility to pause. I used to have to get a monthly to get a comparably good deal, but then would lose value if I didn’t plan well enough around a holiday, or did something spontaneously.


Yes, if you count around 5/6 weeks of holiday in average per year you can easily save £100s.

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How much is a Zone 3 per week with CityMapper?

Think it’s £37 a week.

Even if I take 7 weeks off a year, an annual is still cheaper. So not sure how you get savings…

Well you can pause your Citymapper pass for one.

Edit: so you basically pay for what you need

Apple Pay :apple: now available to use with Citymapper pass.

To avoid extra charges - you need to indicate whether your subscription is active on the physical card or on Apple Pay.

This is to stop multiple people using the same subscription.

What I can’t tell - and may have missed when excitedly rushing through the sign up - is whether they can recognise the same Apple Pay subscription between two devices.

Eg. Can I use my watch most days, and if I forget it use my phone another day the same week without paying extra.

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Presumably (please correct me if I am wrong) once you remove the £10 taxi allowance, that reduces the Zone 1-3 pass to £27 per week. I’m no expert but I think that bring it’s inline with the annual zone 1-3 price but with the flexibility of use it when you need it

That’s great news, I was thinking about that just this morning. I’d switch over, but I’m freelancing out in zone 6. I’ve ended up using PAYG rather than renew my usual 1-2 monthly travelcard as i didn’t know how long i’ll be out here.

Having this on Apple Pay almost definitely means I’m keen to switch.

This just made my day!

I’m pretty sure that counts as two separate devices (at least it does with a normal contactless card as far as I remember.) Tapping in with your watch and out with your phone looks like two separate transactions to the system, so you get charged full price.

When I set it up on City Mapper earlier, it did ask which ‘device’ I was going to use (I had only added it to my phone, so only that device showed, but I assume if I had added it to my watch as well, that would also have been displayed as a ‘device’ I could choose.