Traveling in london

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Just a general question about traveling in london, i usually go down once a year and end up spending a fortune on travel costs etc so im trying to be a bit more moneysmart,
Anyone give me a bit of help on the best way to plan out my rail journeys / bus journeys? Do i book it ahead of time to make the savings or is it eaisyer now with oyster/tfl?

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Oyster/Contactless will only work on TFL services (Tube, Bus, Tram, River Bus, TFL Rail).
Using your contactless will be the exact same as using an oyster!
For the best routes in London, download CityMapper. I’m a Londoner through and through and even though I’ve used the services all my life (I remember when the bus used to be 30p :eyes:) it still knows better then I do!
It will also give you the exact cost and where you need to change and even the best place to stand on the platform.


You can use your Monzo card or pay on your phone as per normal since you can’t get a monthly travel pass for discounts etc. I usually stay within zone one which is capped at £6+ a day so I usually try to do all the hopping between stations in one day and use transport as little as possible for the others/ only buses which are £1.50.


Oyster and contactless are also accepted on most National Rail services in London as well :wink:

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If you are planning to take bus make use of the new TfL hopper fare where if you tap in on a bus or tram you can swap unlimited times within the hour of when you first tap in.

Also off peak (weekends, bank holidays, 9:30-16:00) zones 2-6 are usually around £1.50 adult single fare on trains :smile:

Also if you don’t get a travel card, make sure to use the same contactless card or oyster as the best fare will be calculated through daily / weekly capping


Another thing to bear in mind, contactless cards (Monzo) can be cheaper if you are traveling a lot for less than a week (ending on a Sunday) as there is a weekly cap which isn’t available for Oyster.

Also, use either your card or your phone, but stick to one for all of your journeys, or else you’ll lose your capping.

Stick to buses if you have time, they are much cheaper than the tube.

As had been said above, Citymapper is your friend.

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Thanks, been busy with work but this has saved me about £30 everytime i come down now since i literally take the same route to meet friends.

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