Public Transport Integration - Oyster/Citymapper

Now that we’ve seen that Citymapper are able to offer an Oyster challenger which has some genuinely innovative partnerships (Kapten, Santander bikes) - it would be a real win for Monzo to achieve the same by white-labelling this from Citymapper.

Anyone who lives in London who uses their Monzo card to get around will appreciate the frustration of being billed after the event, sometimes multiple times a day and I, for one, do not believe that I’m always getting the cheapest.

Oyster don’t innovate and should be ruled out but Citymapper look like they’re off to a flyer. Monzo + Citymapper would be awesome. They’ll bring their flair to other public transport around the world and Monzo could benefit. For example, I’m always nervous to buy public transport tickets abroad - Monzo could show you the mass-transit options via the app and Citymapper could do the magic behind the scenes. Citymapper get distribution, Monzo get a cut, innovation points and a great partnership, customers get ease of use, clarity and trust. Also, one less card in my wallet. Bingo!

Hell, Monzo should buy Citymapper!