What's the point with connect Mondo on Oyster account?

Hello, I have a very old Oyster Card … I can’t acces anymore my oyster online account, but I heard that you can connect your mondo with your oyster ? What does that mean ? I mean, I have a idea in my head, but if is like I think then I would order a another oyster card with a new account just to have mondo connected with oyster. I tried to find on the forum but I can’t. So, what you can do if you connect mondo acc with oyster acc ? What’s the point ? :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: I am very curious

Basically contactless cards can now be used on tfl so if you login in to the oystercard site and enter your Mondo card details it’ll show all your journeys like it would if it were an oystercard.

Personally I’d stick with the oystercard if you commute daily as it’s cheaper.


Oh i see, great. Thanks ^^

I wouldn’t say that an oyster is always cheaper. It is only cheaper if you buy a monthly travel card or more.
Weekly capping is done on Contactless, and not on Oyster PAYG, so say you travel regularly, but at a weekend you don’t go anywhere, then it may have been cheaper to PAYG for the week.

Since contactless came in on TFL, I’ve saved loads by not bothering with a weekly pass (I never travelled enough for a monthly to be cheaper), and just letting contactless max out at daily and weekly caps.


Yeah that’s what I meant, if you commute daily stick with a monthly travel pass on oyster.

Personally I can’t wait for them to add passes to contactless/Apple pay.

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They already weekly capping so I can’t see why they don’t introduce monthly capping. Crazy really.

Giving my mondo it’s first tfl outing today.