Citymapper subscription service

Citymapper have just launched a TfL subscription service:

It would be great to see Monzo working with Citymapper so that you can still use your Monzo card but use a Citymapper subscription under-the-hood!


Side question: How many Monzo users are based in London?

I have no data to hand but I’d guess that most are.

There’s me. So at least one.


They will be footing for the bill of discounted Zone 1 - 2 travel?!

That is bonkers…

The Citymapper sub service is way better than I was expecting!

I was thinking the same, looks pretty awesome! Now all I need to do is move to London… :thinking:

I wonder who’s doing their banking for them? Picture is of a mastercard, I’m guessing debit, so it’s probably one of the newer banks

Also, again going by the picture, I don’t see a card number; if they hide that, then users won’t be able to register on the TfL website for statements and correcting incomplete journeys…

Suspect it’s because they know that if you pay for a travel card, but only travel to work and back once a day for 4 or 5 days, you’re likely paying less on contactless than a weekly travel card costs, it’s just too tricky for most users to figure out. So for the majority, this might actually make them a profit.
They do say the pries are just for the trial, so subject to change, but that data has to be valuable too, knowing where people go and at what times, any service looking to launch in London would love that.

Very interested in getting one of these to use and poke at.

It’s the perfect crossover between two things I love, transport and payments. :light_rail::credit_card:


There are bulk buying discounts as I understand it.

According to the Wired article TfL are still getting the full fare tho.

No need to as your a customer of citymapper not tfl

Says you can add the card to Google/Apple pay , so I assume you have access to the card number somewhere.

Any idea on who’s handling the issuing of the cards etc?
I really like citymapper, taking an old messed up sector and doing some real nice work.


Saw this on the app this morning, so signed up for it. No idea if it will take off!

I’m very keen on trying though.

This is what makes it for me - I’ve been longing for Oyster to be available to add to Apple Wallet to get a travel card instead of contactless for the months it would work out in my favour.

The concept looks great, but being able to keep using my watch/phone makes it super easy, as I rarely carry cards or a wallet, and wouldn’t want to!


It’s really strange how this isn’t available yet! In other countries they have travel cards in Apple Wallet and it works so well. You can optionally set it as your ‘Express Transit’ card and works just by tapping in/out instead of bothering with Touch/Face ID. You even top it up within wallet, it’s great. Plus, with new iPhone models it even works when your battery has died.


There are some more details here;

[Spoiler: it’s a vertical card :scream:]

For the curious.


It’s here! You can sign up this morning. They say they don’t charge you until you receive & activate the card. They do a KYC check on you, I guess because they’re giving you a contactless debit card.IMG_4327 IMG_4328 IMG_4329

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