My passport has expired and want a current account

hi guys i want a monzo current account my passport has just expired but surely its still proof of identity its not a fake and an official government document ? any advise please people

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I think by law it has to be a valid I.D. for the KYC process.

You can use a driver’s license, and a provisional is around £35 if you don’t have one yet.


don’t have one, there something in the uk called a citizens card are they valid ?
either way gotta pay for one hate the fact your a citizen in your own country and find it so so so hard to get a bank anywhere, mainstream banks are just a joke make it so hard for me to get a bank, even when my passport was valid they wanted so much info was just bizzare

also thanks for the welcome sorry about me ranting

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No worries,

Site says a government issued photo i.d. so I don’t think a citizen’s card will work, but you can email and ask, response might take a bit though.

If you end up paying for i.d., License is the cheapest way to go, but a passport might be a better investment if you plan on going abroad in the next few years.

Monzo is really easy sign-up and virtually no questions.

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been there done that lived abroad for a while, its why i cant get a bank lol, just irritating and had rude staff which just topped it off for me

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It’s inevitable that you’re going to eventually need to prove who you are to obtain services from any bank.

The easiest way is to just buy a provisional license as a previous poster said - compared to the rest it’s a ‘cheaper’ option.

Not everything can be free, everyone else has to pay for one too.

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If you’re in the U.K. you should almost certainly be able to open a bank. Most banks take many forms of ID including EU nations identity card, any EU drivers license, and U.K. residence permit, along with a number of other documents.

Having a valid passport only requires you to also show proof of address as well, a drivers license for example acts as both so is probably the best ID to use. There’s lots of documents that can be used for proof of address including your HMRC tax notifications which is probably the easiest to use if your not paying your own bills.

Banks have to prove who you are.

In your case I’d just go with the provisional driving licence. Cheaper than a passport, valid everywhere so will get you your Monzo account, plus you’ll have it to hand if you ever need to prove your identity/age/info elsewhere.


Just a heads up, it’s not “valid everywhere” even though it should be. There are plenty of banks and other places that won’t accept it as proof of ID, they require it to be a full licence (although for address they will accept it).


That’s ridiculous. The only difference (apart from the colour) between a Provisional and a Substantive Driving Licence is that you’ve passed the DVSA test to be able to drive without supervision.

I don’t see how that is of any relevance to one’s identity? The banks should accept either.

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I’ve never ever heard of a bank not taking provisional as a form of ID. Have you had a bad experience with a bank before rejecting it so say you need other ID or pass your driving test? A bank shouldn’t care if you can drive or not.

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Also, it frustrates me when people want ID but won’t accept a passport that recently expired.

My ability to travel recently ceased but my identity did not expire on the same date. :rage:


Multiple times:

  • Barclays wouldn’t let me open an account with a provisional as proof of address
  • Tandem wouldn’t change my name without a passport
  • Nationwide won’t accept provisional as proof of ID

I agree it’s stupid, but it happens. I’m sure there are more as well.


Barclays sounds like a mistake by the branch.

Driving licence

This can be

  • A full UK, European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) photocard driving licence
  • A provisional UK photocard driving licence
  • A UK paper driving licence (as long as the address is current)

Nationwide looks like it’s for Photo ID


Tandem should have accepted a provisional driving license. Doesn’t say you must have passed.

I stand corrected, I’m only going by my experience but I appreciate that their websites say otherwise.

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Oh I wasn’t trying to call you out :slightly_smiling_face: Just sounds like the person processing it doesn’t realise what the policy is. Most wouldn’t challenge it if told by the bank as they should know and be giving 100% correct info. I naturally question everything so I’d be kicking off and dragging the manager over and bringing up the website on my phone to show to them their own policy if they pulled that one. :laughing:

Weirdly Nationwide allows provisional driving license for Photo ID for their mortgage applications but not current accounts applied for in branch. Makes no sense.


Starling accept passports up to 3 months out of date.

Your ability to travel outside the EU likely expired 6 months ahead of your passport expiring too. Most countries require at least 6 months of validity - even if it’s in date.

A likely reason also is that companies have the ability to check your data against the HMPO database - this doesn’t work for out of date passports for obvious reasons.

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Hi @TonyBennet :wave:

You’ll need a valid ID to sign up - we can accept a passport, driving licence or a national ID card :relaxed: unfortunately this means you won’t be able to use your expired passport, sorry about that!

If you’ve any further questions you can reach us through the in app chat, email or phone on 0800 802 1281 :blush: