I need help someone applied for 2 credit cards under my name and the company that someone tried to get the cards with have reported it to Cifas my question is will it affect me keeping my monzo account

Which kind of marker did they put on?

Monzos advice is to just apply and find out, some people have been surprised :slight_smile:

You need to clear those markers though as it will affect other things. That’s not something that Monzo can help with though.

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I already got an account

The marker is number 2

It won’t get your account closed, if that’s what you’re asking.
But you really need to speak to the relevant parties to get the marker cleared if it really wasn’t you, it’s going to have a major impact on any credit you apply for in the next few years.

I think you start here:

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The marker they put on is victim impersonation

Ahh sorry just re-read it.

I can’t see them closing your account but you need to get them cleared asap either way.

Sounds like a victim of impersonation marker so just means people will check it’s actually you more closely for a while

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Ok they said it gets removed after 13 months as I asked them and they said it can’t be removed

Can anyone from monzo confirm this for me please

What is it you need confirmed?

Have you asked in-app chat, or phoned or emailed Monzo? We can’t answer this question on behalf of Monzo here in the forum, go to the official channels.

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