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I have a cifas marker on my name and before anyone lectures me i don’t need a lecture, i was told by the bank who put the marker on I should have no issue opening an account else where but can’t seem to get one anywhere and every time i’ve applied for monzo or tried to speak to someone i’ve been told my old account can not be reopened (i closed this myswlf due to not needing it anymore at the time) but now i’m left with no bank account and have no idea what to do. I’m struggling to get my bills paid, my mental health has seriously depleated and I just wondered if anyone could help at all

Try opening a Monese account.

Or if that doesn’t work try opening a basic bank account. By that I mean one without overdraft loans direct debits etc. No way to spend more that you have.

What kind of Cifas marker is it? If it’s a Cat 6 marker it will be very difficult to open an account anywhere.

Many banks offer basic accounts without any features and you may be able to open one. Monzo, if you call them, may let you apply for a new account if you explain the situation

it is a Cat 6, ive tried getting basic accounts everywhere and had no success and it’s really left me in a struggle as i almost even ended up homeless because of this

If Monzo have said no then that’s the end of it.

I would suggest trying all the other banks but if the marker is as serious as it sounds above, you’re going to struggle.

So I’m just wondering, what are people with these markers supposed to do? How does someone “clear their name”, or do the markers expire after a reasonable timeframe?

I think they should be allowed to open a “Basic Bank account”:

Though there is a table on the MSE link suggesting “Fraud” will prevent opening - but only for criminal convictions - I’m not super sure that that means in terms of CIFAS markers and which ones are/are not accetpable but it sounds like that could be a problem.

OP says they were rejected for basic accounts. As @Rjevski said, I’m unsure what these people are supposed to do, how they’re supposed to lead their lives.

Even prison provides you with food and shelter. Having no access to a bank whatsoever can make both of those very hard, if not impossible for some

They expire after 6 years as long as no further fraud is committed

From what I understand, a “Basic” bank account is not the same as the Bank’s default current account - and typically need to be sought out.

There are three in the MSE link that should accept a user if they can prove their identity and haven’t been convicted of fraud.

The way I interpret OP’s post is they’ve applied to various banks’ default current account, not a basic one.

I would suggest looking to the list of Basic Bank accounts and try those - apologies If I’ve interpretted incorrectly


And as an alternative, if that route fails too; two other suggestions seem to come up:

  1. Pre Paid services, like Monese. Monese has no credit check or address check. I’m not sure how payments to monese work - i.e. a salary etc - but if you can’t get a spending card from another bank you should with Monese.

Edit: Monese does have a sort code and account number for payments in, so this may be the most viable solution.

  1. Credit Unions - who will typically offer ‘accounts’ with pre paid cards to people not eligible for a Basic Account. You can find a local one here -

Hope that can be of help :slight_smile:


This is a list of the members of the national fraud database. Most applications with any of these companies will be checked against CIFAS records. You’ll struggle to get an account with any of them with a cat 6 marker. Can’t see Monzo on there, but not sure how often the list gets updated

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Reading further it sounds like Monese and other pre-paid people are on the list of CIFAS’s Checkers.

I think Credit Unions and or Building societies may be the best way forward.

If you know from the bank what ‘type’ of marker, that should help you narrow down info - but if it’s Cat 6 as others suggest that will be the most difficult.

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I see in your other thread that you confirm it is a Cat 6 marker. The bank who put it there shouldn’t have said you’d have no issue opening an account elsewhere!! That’s about as far from reality as it can get!

Your only option might be to use a paid account until the marker drops off. Something like

It has a monthly fee but at least you can set up direct debits, standing orders etc.

I would also contact CIFAS for a Data Subject Access Request, so you know exactly when the marker was applied and therefore when it should drop off…

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I too recommend opening a Cashplus account, you get a Sort Code and Account number so you can get a salary paid in as well.

Please can you let us know if its successful ? (if you do open an account with them)

I am very interested the outcome of this and would like to see what provider does allow you to open an account.

As some others have mentioned, even prisoners get food and shelter, if you don’t have a bank account how do you even earn money when it is a legal requirement for a company to pay in via BACS, how do you pay a rent and mortgage ???


Could try

monthly fee - but are a bank with no credit check

Let’s solve your problems opening accounts

Right now you’re thinking ‘Great, I know why I got refused a bank account, but I can’t fix my credit score overnight’. Which is true, but you can get an account to help you.

  • No credit checks when you open an account
  • Stress-free budgeting (no maths skills needed)
  • Rebuild your credit rating

If OP is refused for the think money current account, OP could try the think money basic account

OP please let us know what provider you end up with

It’s all the same thing. Think Money only have one acc. No credit check

Building Society savings account with a cash card?

Problem is a lot of places won’t take cash these days.

Monese or another Emoney would be the best route to try.

Just make sure you get a account number and sort code for payments from your employer.