Chip and Signature for Accessibility

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I’m wondering if Monzo offers chip and signature cards for users who have difficulty using a PIN. All British banks are supposed to, and American Express advertises this in the info that comes with a new card (I’ve seen it on some other bank literature too), but I’m wondering if Monzo actually does.

If so, and this is why I got thinking about it, how do you then handle actions in app that are normally verified by use of the card PIN?


While we’re on accessibility, I would love for all Monzo cards to be RNIB approved accessible cards, in the way that Natwest, RBS, and Barclays are now offering them.

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I liked it because I think it should be offered, but I disagree on all cards. I’d like a nice, slick unembossed card :smiley:


I liked it because you liked mine :stuck_out_tongue:


This has been suggested before but not got anywhere.

PS Handelsbanken UK also have an accessible card with a contrasting stripe one end and a notch the other

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Chip and signature isn’t supported.
I know as when I was in the states I was getting declined on those terminals and spoke to COps and they said it’s not supported.

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Well, one, that’s really concerning if terminals without PIN support decline. Two, that’s behaviour of the chip and PIN card that is standard. Not issuance of a chip and signature card to support a user with accessibility needs.

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