Monzo and accessibility

I would like to know what Monzo are doing to make their service more accessible to those with disabilities especially those that are visually impaired. I am visually impaired I like using Monzo however I found the colour of the card to be too bright and there isn’t enough contrast to be able to identify the contactless symbol or the chip. These are my views. Thanks for reading.


I think it’s great that you have raised this here most people will not even think or realise these things.


Monzo’s integration with IFTTT might be useful for you, allowing more automation or voice control of your account, alleviating some accessibility issues.

Would be good to see this area explored further, such as integration with Siri, being able to check debits/credits, search for transactions, hear anything pending, ask when specific bills come out, budgeting, pot management, make payments, etc.
These are very common requests received in call centers from legacy banks from personal experience, despite them being so simple.

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(I am late to this thread I know)

I know VoiceOver on IOS is pretty good compared to most apps with a few problems but not too many. Android have more problems with that than IOS and really lacks in comparison. These are crucial to get right for the visually impaired community.
My old friend is blind and the bright card helps her to see the difference between her bank card and a loyalty card. (she can see shadows and reflections of some colours in a way)

I think a braille option for bank statements and also the card with writing on when you get your bank card would be a massive plus.