Accessablity features

I am almost blind. At some point in the next 3-6 years I may be totally.

I’m planning an accessibility focused app for my mondo card at the moment, with some level of alternate login verification, and some amount of speech tools for getting balance etc.
For verification, I am thinking tapping patterns, and maybe face & card recognition. The voice stuff should be simple enough. Selection of modes etc is always complicated, though I have some ideas.

Is there any plans for accessibility in the main mondo app? As there are a shocking number of legal requirements for these kinds of features.


Hi Ben!

Absolutely. Our first port of call is obviously full VoiceOver support throughout the app, which we’ve begun work on already.

There are indeed plenty of legals around accessibility features, but ultimately our motivation is that we’re a product company and we want to build the best possible product experience for our customers.

I’d love to get your feedback, in particular on good and bad examples of apps’ implementations (especially custom controls and gestures). I had the pleasure of building similar components while at Hailo and I’m looking forward to doing the same with Mondo.

In the future (if you’re interested) I’d also love to have you visit us in person for one of our product development interviews to chat about your banking experiences :smile:

Edit: Just spotted on your Twitter that you’re an iOS dev. Looking forward to bouncing ideas off you on our dev Slack!


More of an android guy these days, but iOS always recurs. I’m on the channel most days, if lurking more than anything else.

The brightly colored card makes like a lot easier. I have gone through (lost at home) an oyster card + one normal debit card in the time since I got the mondo card.

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I searched for this thread after reading the divisive Account Details on the Debit Cards discussion and thought that the way the account number and sort code are displayed in the Current Account app is not very clear (light grey text on white background)

But great to see :monzo: Monzo already thinking about accessibility in general. One great feature for blind users is an accessible debit card. RBS currently provide these and they have a elliptical cut-out on the end of the card and Braille raised dots on the surface. The example below is from Holt’s Bank, but Royal Bank Of Scotland and NatWest also issue these

Do you think this would be something Monzo considers in the future?