Is There an Official Monzo Policy on Chip and Signature?

I’ve just read this and wondered if there is an up to date Monzo policy on chip and signature?


Interesting article. Knew nothing about that sort of card. Thanks for sharing

I seem to remember from the recent Q&A with Rika that MasterCard have finally done away with the requirement for a signature strip, so would be good to hear the effect on this sort of case

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I didn’t bother signing my monzo card when I received it. I was under the impression that Monzo wouldn’t know my signature anyway. I don’t believe I’ve ever had to provide monzo with my signature.

I am wrong not to sign it? Or is there something I am missing and I should sign it?


I’d forgotten about that. I guess that in that case, any form of ID confirmation would do, such as a driving licence.

Or chip and signature cards might retain the signature strip.

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Possibly so, but I guess that is completing the circle back to your original question

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I imagine biometric verification may take over for instances such as this.

Or maybe the following:

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Thanks for posting. I’ve shared the article with our vulnerable customers team as I’m not sure on the answer myself.


I was talking about C&S cards on the public Slack a few days ago - @Rika said that Monzo don’t actually support them yet…

I’m going to read that article now, as I’ve always wondered which disabilities would make a Chip & Signature card useful.

From reading the article there’s definitely a use case for them - one for the vulnerability team to take on board.

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The requirement has been removed but it doesn’t stop banks issuing cards with them, just as a bank can choose to issue cards that don’t use PINs (generally at their own risk).

Correct, we don’t yet issue any non-typical cards (from a chip setting perspective at least). It’s something many in my team would like to tackle in general, not only in the context of chip and signature cards. :slightly_smiling_face:


Out of interest, what other sort of non-typical chip settings are possible?

I have not bothered signing my card for years and I have had no issues.

I guess if you had to prove your signature it might be harder is all (But in at least 3 years if not more I haven’t had to)

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Most places seem to just give you a pen to sign it…


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