Chip and pin or Google pay?

For something expensive in store ( £500)does it make any difference if I use chip and pin or my usual Google pay?

Some stores wont accept Google Pay over £30.

You’ll just have to try it when you get there.


This depends on a few things:

  • Does google pay have the same limit as regular contactless payments?

  • Does the store artificially limit the amount you can pay via google pay?

  • Does your bank artificially limit the amount you’re allowed to pay with Google Pay?

If you can answer no to all of those questions, then it doesn’t make a difference.

I’ve made payments at above £500 with Google pay before


Thanks for informing me! I’m firmly in the Apple ecosystem, and admittedly have been ignorant in regards to google pay and how it works, so I wasn’t sure if it was treated the same as Apple Pay. I recall from the earlier days it wasn’t as secure, hence erring on the side of it might be limited.

Some stores will still limit you, which is annoying, especcially when it’s to promote their own alternative (tesco🤬). And some bank accounts, for whatever reason, have a separate monthly limit on Apple Pay transactions.

Depends on how you feel about touching the PIN pad in these scary times.

Also depends on how you feel about touching a phone screen.


Gloves! Haven’t left the house without mine on or taken them off until I’m home.

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Are you washing them every evening?

Yep largest payment I’ve made with Google Pay is £1000 and I can confirm that neither my phone nor the terminal started smoking.


Yes, I’ve always been very particular with germs. Like all my clothes, they are washed after every single use. I wash my hands excessively and use disposable gloves when handling things I consider could be unsanitary or freshly cleaned, including dirty and freshly washed laundry.

a topic for another thread though.

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Not sure what you’re buying, but probably preferable to put it through a credit card instead so you have s75 protection.

I suspect it’s a bicycle based on another of his recent discussions:

But yes, buy on a credit card, and pay the balance off in full if you have one OP.

If I remember I’ll use either a key or a pen bit most likely a pen.

I’m in the Apple ecosystem, I’ve made £4500 payment via Apple Pay. It was kinda fun as the retailer had no clue it could be done.


I’ve had similar experiences! It’s both awkward and funny, and sometimes frustrating. It’s baffling sometimes just how many people don’t realise there is no limit on Apple Pay. Tesco’s own employees don’t realise it, and blame the £30 limit on the regulations.

You just reminded me of a time at the groom room in Pet’s at Home. I’d paid with Apple Pay and everybody acted like it was a normal thing, until a person next to me said “Hang on a minute, aren’t contactless payments limited to £30?”. The groomer started panicking trying to figure out how the payment got through, and questioned wether it’d has actually been paid at all despite it all looking good on their system. It took about 20 minutes before someone managed to locate a store manager that happened to be clued into the fact there was no limit on Apple Pay.

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