Contactless More Popular Than Chip & Pin

Must be to do with all those Halifax contactless adverts :ghost: lately :grin:

In all seriousness it’s nice to see it on the rise as it’s so convenient!

Does anyone here remember when they last used chip & pin? I probably used it recently when filling up the car as it was over £30, I didn’t have my phone with me. Other than that I’m Apple Pay + contactless all the way.

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Posted here few hours ago but I guess new thread is better

I use Apple pay for 95% of my transactions. Petrol, Cashback, GAP and Disney Store are the only places I need to use my card as these do not accept contactless payments (yet).

I also noticed that Waitrose had a new sign today advertising that Apple/Google Pay had an upper limit of £10,000 :open_mouth:


I missed that!

Yeah I it generally carries the same limit as chip and pin I believe.

That’s just two bread rolls in Waitrose, though. :scream:


I use Apple Pay for almost all of my daily transactions now (contactless).
Also use it in apps as well - a notable outlier being Amazon, they seem to be holding off on it. I don’t like storing my full card details with numerous different companies which is why Apple Pay is so good (one of the reasons anyway).

Websites support Apple Pay now too on Safari, but very few websites have incorporated it yet.

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