Chip and pin declined after £100; too low with coronavirus

I keep getting my card declined as Monzo insist on PIN number being entered after just £100 of expenditure. Well I will not use the card machines to input my PIN number with such frequency in this time of coronavirus, so simply will stop using Monzo unless this limit is raised!

You can bypass the need to enter your PIN on a card machine by unlocking it in app

Once you get a decline you can tap on it in app and enter your PIN there. Then you can do your contactless payment again


Ok thanks for that, will try it next time. Still think it’s too low…

It’s an EU regulation so they can’t just decide to change it


Every bank legally has to do this now.

It’s written about in more detail here:


Yes, there is an EU regulation, but Monzo decided to set it lower than the requirement, so yes, they could raise it a little if they wanted.

EDIT - and, of course, using Apple Pay etc will help.

If they did that, they’d have to stop supporting offline payments. Which would require card profile changes if I’m not mistaken

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So, we agree that they chose a slightly lower limit, but that it is not easily editable.

Edit: this post was hidden by people flagging it. Now the limit has changed.

No, they’ve stated it’s a legal requirement, not a choice.

Is there any reason you can’t use Apple Pay or Google Pay? These methods don’t have any limit not even the 30£/45£ limit.

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You are disagreeing with something I didn’t say. I said it was their choice to choose a lower limit than what is mandated. And then I agreed with you that they can’t easily change it for the reason you provided :slight_smile:

Unless you’re in Tesco who seem to hate updating their POS systems :roll_eyes:


Revolut’s ability to pre-authorise / reset the limit anytime makes a lot more sense.

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No we chose a limit that matches what’s mandated. Complicated technical reasons mean we can’t use the entire limit for online transactions, we have to keep some aside for offline transactions, which we must also support.

You can of-course use the entire £135 limit, but you’ll need to pick and choose your payment terminals very carefully.


Then why do other banks allow a higher limit? Are you going to tell me that Monzo was specifically instructed to have a lower limit than other banks? Of course not. You chose the setup you have, which falls in line with the regulations. But it was your choice, and that is fine. Lets not pretend Monzo is so important that the EU told you that you must have a different limit to other banks.

Edit: this post was hidden by people flagging it. Now the limit has changed.

Like I said you can use the entire limit if you want. Other banks don’t offer higher limits, they just don’t tell you they’ve reserved part of the limit for offline transactions.


Exactly - which was your choice as a business. So we are in agreement as per my post 35 minutes ago.

Your post 35mins ago asserted that we chose a lower limit. This isn’t true.


Just going to leave this here. How are Starling doing this? Are they shouldering the risk? Or has the mandate not actually come into effect? I’m sure I read it was delayed after you implemented it, but I might be wrong on that.


This is a complicated topic. The mandate has come into effect (it came into effect 14th September 2019), and the law that mandates it hasn’t changed.

However due to COVID-19 the FCA has quietly winked at banks to say they might be able to increase the cumulative limits, in contravention of the law. However they’ve stopped short of actually telling us we can, or changing the law (which probably can’t happen while we’re part of the EU).

So yes Starling are shouldering additional risk here and not just financial risk. We’re of-course looking very closely at everything our regulators say, and will make changes as appropriate.