Contactless until Chip & Pin assumption/suggestion

Following the recent contactless chip and pin limit increase I assume that isn’t a cumulative limit which resets after a period of time and it is also a single transaction amount limit (i.e can one do a single contactless transaction for the whole amount)

If that is the case, my thinking is to reduce unwanted contact with a reader it would be helpful if (for example) it auto reset after a number of days or a week (or whatever) without being forced to chip&pin, but on the other hand if it’s possible to do one transaction for the whole amount that ups the risk of fraud/stolen card amount for Monzo considerably (£225 worth of stolen goods in one go) so it would also be useful to allow a user defined limit for the more prudent should they wish to lower it.

The contactless limit is £45 or under per contactless transaction.

You will be asked to use Chip and PIN after you have used contactless for a total of £225, or up to 10(?) times. Which ever is first. The Monzo app will let you know when you should next use Chip and PIN to avoid a decline.

They can’t let it reset automatically after a certain amount of time as they are required by law to ask for the PIN when exceeding these limits.

There are no limits for Apple/Google Pay. If you’re wanting to minimise contact with the card reader it’s best to use your phone/device.

Allowing a user defined limit is an interesting idea but probably unnecessary. Monzo have some sort of fraud detection that limits contactless being used in rapid succession like this, I believe, and you can also freeze your card when you notice someone’s using your card. Also, providing there isn’t gross negligence you would get your money back.

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Thanks for the clarification. I know you’re protected, the second part of the suggestion was more for Monzo’s benefit than the account holder.