Cheques + Clearing + Support?

Just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue or any advice?

Posted a cheque & had the wonderful notification that it would clear by noon on the 18th.

Cheque hasn’t cleared / money not in my account. Contacted support to receive the same copy and pasted cheque info from 3 different “departments” and passed to the “payments department” with the promise of a reply within 8 hours - but no reply 14 hours later.

Has anyone else had a cheque take longer than the notified time? Is there anyone working in support at the moment or any other way to contact them? I know I’m not the centre of the universe but if it’s bounced I need to know as it’s a court claim payment.

Anyway! Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Ask the drawer if you can on if the money has left their account. (the person who wrote the cheque)

If it’s a company as most cheques are refunds these days your going to have to chase monzo up.

Quick question does monzo notify if a cheque is returned uncleared.

Just found out the cheque has bounced but only by calling apparently my support enquiry wasn’t sent on as required.

Monzo didn’t notify me that the cheque has bounced. I had to do all the chasing. They may have done at some point in the future lol


That’s some really rubbish service, surely the systems told them the payment had bounced and they could have notified you about it rather than dragging it out 🤦


The reason this part of Monzo’s service isn’t so good is likely because of the fact that NatWest process cheques on Monzo’s behalf.

This means that if something happens with the processing, it’s NatWest and not Monzo that face the problem. Monzo then reconciling with NatWest seems like a fairly manual process so they are unlikely to be able to support an automatic notification that the cheque has bounced.

However, it would be good if this could be improved (potentially by working more closely with NatWest).

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