Cheque still not showing as being received.

Hi, I posted a cheque to Monzo on the 9th December and its still not showing as being received. I sent it to the correct address and wrote my account number on the back.

Has anyone else sent a cheque in this month and are you still waiting for the funds or the cheque to even show on your account?


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The best and quickest answer for this would be using the support ticket in the app.

Yip, Im in the same boat, mine is for a grand total of £9ish on 2 cheques, so I’m not overly concerned about it but it possible does highlight the problem could have been a lot worse if the cheque had I been for hundreds or thousands of £££.

I’m hoping the money turns up in my account soon as its my first time sending a cheque in so hoping it works although the cheque deposit by phone wuld be coolest.

I’m sorry to hear your cheque still hasn’t been processed :pensive:

If you send us message in the in-app Chat, then we can take a look and see what’s happened on our end for you!

Also in regards to a cheque deposit by phone, you can vote for this here: ⏰ Cheque imaging

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