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I need some advice …My uncle sent me a cheque for 5k Monzo have received cheque but because he hasn’t signed the cheque on the exact signature line but above a little and to the left they are “looking into it” I have had a chat open now and spoke with three separate advisers asking what the issue is and have had no response that gives me any information. My brothers was the exact same and cleared in 24hrs via his high street bank. Any thoughts?

Hi Vicky, you could try phoning them as well maybe? Not sure what else they can tell you but it might help to be able to understand what the issue is (if there is one, it might just be ‘slow’ going through the system but they should at least be able to tell you that).

You’ve done the right thing by starting a chat. You’ll have to just wait to see what the response is I’m afraid.

Did the advisor tell you the was a problem with where the signature is or were you just progress chasing? The reason I ask is because cheque processing is slow so the delay could be normal and not because of the signature.

Monzo do not process the cheques themselves, they send them on to Natwest who do this on Monzo’s behalf. The full cheque clearing cycle is (I think) 6 days (the 2-4-6 system and not including when Monzo receives it from you and forwards it on to Natwest). Therefore instead of releasing the funds after initial checks are completed i.e. day 2 or 3. It will await the bank whose cheque it belongs to collect the cheque to confirm and probably release at day 6.

It can happen with any bank, and not with all customers, with deposits of cheques with higher values or which is unusual for that customer. Cheque processing is changing all the time so I could be wrong but the best thing to do is keep talking to Monzo chat.

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This is one of the few reasons I say keep a legacy bank account, sending 5k cheques off into the mail…I’d be stressing about that constantly!

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For a cheque of the sum of £5,000 (and, indeed many sums less than that), there’s no way I’m trusting the Royal Mail not any app-based bank.

I’m going into a bank branch with that. For peace of mind and to avoid loss.


I believe monzo have a NatWest cheque ‘machine’ in their offices ,but would be upto the staff to check it first like a regular bank teller.

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My comments on Monzo are based on the 2018 comment by @HughWells . How things have changed since then I can only speculate.


Other than NatWest using Image Clearing on their end (which slightly speeds up the process) and some operational changes to deal with the volumes, cheques are processed in the same way as before :slight_smile:


The cheque is signed by an elderly gent on his 70’s so the signature is not where it should be…its higher and too the left and they are claiming it’s not signed. I have asked for it back and now awaiting someone to tell me when that will be and if it will be sent recorded delivery.

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